89-123-A9p2 Arsairian7 Reporting
89-123-A9p2 Arsairian 7 Reporting Fractal Composition
First Known Discovery Of Another Universe.

89-123-A9p2 Arsairian7

Captain Brinoph of the Research Vessel Arsairian7 reporting:
Due to an unusually strong isopimorphic solar system storm and strong gravimetric forces emanating from 89-123-A9p2; the Arsairian 7 has crash landed on the planet we were sent to investigate.

The Arsairian7 crew is alive and well with minor injuries as is all of the equipment which can be easily repaired with the tools onboard the ship.

The Arsairian7 on the other hand is a total lost, the engines are down for the count, with large portions of the outer hull gone and damage to the secondary hull is extensive; she’ll never fly again; therefore I am requesting immediate evac of the Arsairian7 crew.

I am also requesting an advance team with military escort be sent asap to 89-123-A9p2, to evaluate a discovery of monumental proportions. As you are aware this sector of space has many unexplainable oddities that defy the known laws of physics and we may have found out the reason why.

After crash landing on 89-123-A9p2, I followed standard procedure securing the landing zone and setting up surveillance and reconnaissance equipment; instrumentation detected strange incoherent energy fluctuations in the area almost immediately.

Upon dispatching a survey team to investigate in accordance with the primary mission objectives, we came across a ancient device that predates our science by at least a million years; and with an energy source that is still functioning along with all the associated equipment.

It must have been the Isopimorphic storm that disrupted something locally causing such an enormous device to be revealed; since it was not detected from orbit. The device upon preliminary investigation and as far as we can tell opens into another universe; more than that, it appears as if the other universe is pouring into our own and that the device is keeping the inevitable chaos that would ensue at bay.

Scientist across the galaxy have speculated for hundreds of years of the existence of multiple universes; well today I can tell you that the speculation is over, as we now have scientific proof and a device that can allow us to cross from one universe into another.

The gateway is large enough to fit a fleet of our largest ships and as I send this communication it is currently opened to another universe of mesiunomic clouds, with what appears to be a gas giant enveloped in what can only be described as trans-dimensional tides and a ringed blue planet orbiting a distant blue star.

We are waiting for your arrival, and I’ve decided to commit the crew to the exploration of this phenomena; as we can not tell how long this gateway will remain active. I will be sending a part of the crew through the portal to begin exploring the planet in the other universe.

Captain Brinoph of the Research Vessel Arsairian7 Signing Off.

A Little About This Piece:
I’ve been working on this fractal art piece on and off for several weeks; but in the last couple of days I’ve been able to pull the image together to create the look I wanted with the image.

This one I would say is the best of my portal fractal creations, as it gives a very good sense that one is looking onto another universe.

The Portal structure has a Gothic type look to it populated with lots of interesting fractals elements; while t the center is the Doorway to another universe of planets, stars and nebula’s.

89-123-A9p2 Arsairian7 Reporting is composed of 153 fractal elements with a total of 451 layers. With this image I used two Mandelbulb 3D generated fractals and the other 151 fractals were created with the Fractron 9000 fractal generator.

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