Angel Wing Sword Of Arkledious Imperial Wings Fractal Art Composition
Angel Wing Sword Of Arkledious Imperial Wings Fractal Art Composition

The Angel Wing Sword Of Arkledious IMW (Imperial Wings), Is The Third Variation Of “The Angel Wing Sword Of Arkledious”.

The Purpose Of Creating This Piece Was To Try An Integrate The Mysterious Look And Feel Of The First Piece With The Vibrant Color Of The Second.

To Achieve That, I’ve Added Several Additional Elements That Were Not Available In Either Of The First Two And Removed Some Others.

Most Of The Leopard Stone Element Have Been Removed And In It’s Place A Rock Like Wing Structure Has Replace It Along With A Ruby Red And Gold Sphere; I Then Reduced The Size Of The Planet Ring To Fit Around The Sphere To Symbolize The Planet Of Arkledious.

These Three Elements Signify The Imperial Wings Of Arkledious And The Solid Foundation On Which The Empire Was Built And Stands On Till The Present Day.

I Also Added Several Curved Stepped Looking Fractal Columns That Are Rising Up From The Cloud Base And Increased The Saturation To Better Match The Golden Colors Of The Base Fractals.

These Additions Though Not Necessary Give A Structural Feel To The Piece And Help In The Visual Transitioning From Light To Dark As One Views The Image From Bottom To Top.

I Added A Few New Nebula Star Clusters And Let Them Over Lap The Other Elements Enhancing The Fantasy Look Of The Image.

The Total Fractal Elements Used Angel Wing Sword Of Arkledious Imperial Wings Is 30 Which Includes The Original 15 Elements For The Sword And An Additional 15 Fractal Elements For The Background.

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