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Archive Portal Fractal Art Composition
Archive Portal Fractal Art Composition

Archive Portal

The Archive Portal It Is Said Is Where All The Accumulated Knowledge Of The Galaxy And Quite Possibly The Universe Is Stored.

Created By A Race Of Beings Long Gone From The Galaxy And Mostly The Universe; Their Devices Archives All Technological Developments Throughout The Known Systems And Beyond.

At A Specific Juncture And Time The Portal Reveals Itself; Or To Be More Precise Phases Into Our Universe From The Accounts Of Long Range Expedition That Have Been Undertaken In The Past.

Probes Indicate That The Archive Portal Is Positioned In An Inter-dimensional Riff Of Some Kind, That Is Out Of Phase With Our Space Time Continuum; Where The Laws That Govern Our Universe Do Not Apply.

For The Brave Among Us That Decided To Get Closer Than A Parsec To Investigate This Anomaly (And No Doubt Gain Access To It’s Vast Archive Of Knowledge); Death Was The Result.

It Would Appear That Primitive Species Such As Ourselves Are Not Permitted To Access The Data In The Archive Portal; Mind You, We Have Been A Space Faring Species For Over 100,000 Years So This Device Must Be Billions Of Years Old.

For Relics Discovered Throughout This Galaxy Indicate That Only Organic Life Can Access The Archive; No Device Is Able To Do So, And As Already Mentioned None Of The Species That Have Tried Over The Millennia Have Been Able To Do So As Well.

This fractal art composition, like all the artwork on the Xzendor7 website is available for purchase online as a rolled canvas print.

But there’s never a shortage of risk takers especially when the price is right, to test what is considered the impossible…

Denein who’s the character that just came into the bar.
That guy, his name is Maxjin and he’s one of the meanest SOB’s is these parts, so don’t get stupid and decide to get in his way; UNDERSTAND!

Hey Maxi my boy there you are; I’ve been waiting here for some time – You know what they say time is money and time waits for no man. (Ha ha ha ha…)
You came alone; where’s Dietra, isn’t she coming with you on this trip?

No she’s not, she bought the farm on the Calidon Expedition.
Sorry to here that Maxi; it’s a shame she was such a great kid.

Well she new what she was getting into and she was willing to accept the risk for the reward.
Your just as cold as always, aren’t you Maxi.

Cold and alive, that’s what matters and that’s what counts the most. Besides Chidle, if you get me to and back from my destination there’s a hefty bonus in it for you.
That’s what I love about you Maxi, you never leave a guy thirsty.
The ship’s ready to depart anytime you are.

Before we takeoff I’ll need to look her over to make sure everything is in place as per specification; this is going to be a tricky mission and any mistakes, no matter how minor can get us all killed.
Sure Maxi follow with me…

Chidle where are the Dynatran 9000 after streams you were supposed to install; these Okran 850’s don’t have the power we need…
Relax Maxi; you’re looking at camouflage. Didn’t want the natives getting to curious as to how the ship was outfitted so what you see is a masking field.
You can check it all out from inside the ship.

With these babies we’re looking at about 15 times the speed of light at full throttle Maxi and we can be anywhere you need to be without being detected.
Chidle I don’t see the TransiJens Alpha Theta 9’s; where are they?

There installed in the Aft ISO bays; I really don’t know why you wanted these; the Dynatran 9000 will give us all the power we need.
Well Chidle where we’re going the Dynatran 9000’s may fail to work and The TransiJens Alpha Theta 9’s will be the only thing that will allow us to traverse space.
It’s better to be safe than sorry…

Excuse me Captain Chidle, we just got word that the military police have been making inquiries about ships that are getting ready to leave the space port…
Well Maxi it would seem like the word is out on your little adventure, shall we go!

Something About The Piece:
Archive Portal Is The Fractal Composition On Which The “Light Of Ancient Wisdom” Fractal Composition Is Based.
This Piece Has A Very Transcendental Or Mystical Look To It Due To The Many Cloud Layers That Make Up The Piece.
The Archive Portal Uses 11 Previous Fractal Art Compositions Which Include The “Path Of Shadows”, “The Realm Of Osphilium”, “Primialean Orbrimoth”, “89-123-A9p2 Arsairian 7 Reporting”, “View To Eternity”, “Esfantelinous – The Realm Of Dreams”, “Tamalin 5”, The “Exploration Of Space”, “View To The Heavens”, And “Heavenly Angel Wings Cross”.


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