Arsencia Battle Dress Fractal Art Portrait
Arsencia Battle Dress Fractal Art Portrait

Arsencia Battle Dress Portrait Is A More Elaborate Portrait Of My Other Fractal Art Composition “Arensica In Battle Dress” Using The Of The Things From My Other Fractal Creation “The Majesty Of Arsencia”

I’ve Re-Done The Background So That In The Upper Portion Of The Image It Looks Like A Device Is Coming Out Of The Wall From Behind The Princess Arsencia And Connecting To Her Suit.

I’ve Added Some Gown Like Tapering Fractals To The Leg Area And Silvery Flowing Fractals On The Sides.

I Used Another Set Of Fractals To Create A Standing Platform For Her And Have Added Several Additional Fractals To Highlight Several Areas Of The Princess Arsencia Figure.

I Left The Gothic Grunge Look In Place With Most Of The Image Being Grey, Brown, Black In Appearance; This Variant Is Powerful With A Slight Mystical Feel To It.

I Used A Total Of 112 Fractal Objects Created With The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator; Assembled And Post Processed With The Photo Elements Image Editor Using A Total Of 371 Active Layers To Realize This Fractal Art Composition.

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