Arsencia In Battle Dress Fractal Art Composition
Arsencia In Battle Dress Fractal Art Composition

Arsencia In Battle Dress Is An Extension Of My Previous Fractal Art Composition “Arsencia The Setren”.

With This Piece I Modified Her Hips Giving Them A Bit More Length And Adding Some Additional Fractals For A Bit More Decoration.

I Added More Color To The Eye Area, Though You Can Only See The Difference This Makes Up Close Because It’s A Subtle Use Of Green To Add Some Highlight.

The Orb That Was Part Of The Headdress I Formed Into A Helmet To Create A Unified Head Piece And Added A Tie In Face To Neck Piece That Gives A Flowing Look From The Crown Down To The Bust Area.

I Also Added A Some Fractals To Create A Cloak Like Piece And Other Fractals That Make It Look Like She Has Her Arms Behind Her.

To Create The Enhanced Battle Dress Look I Added Several Highly Detailed Fractals Behind Her Which Blends Nicely Creating An Eye Catching Elaborate Piece.

I Toned Down All The Colors So That They Are Silver, Grey, White, Grey-Brown To Accentuate The Blue, Grey-White Tones That Make The Main Portion Of The Arsencia Figure.

I Added Fractals That Have The Look Of Gold Chain Mail That Act As Accents And That Transition Nicely To The Gold Silver Crystal Like Structure Above Her Crown.

This Crown Is Then Accented By Two Golden Disk And Topped Off By An Intricate Wing Like Fractal Element.

To Finish Off The Piece I Used 15 Grunge Panel Looking Fractal Elements That Blend In Well With All The Other Fractals And Give The Arsencia Figure A Look Of Floating In Mid Air.

This Version Has A Smoother Flowing Look To It And The Arsencia Figure Has A More Regal Look Than The Previous Fractal Creations.

Arsencia In Battle Dress Is Composed Of 102 Fractal Elements Created With The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator; Assembled And Post Processed Using The Photo Elements Image Editor.

Arsencia In Battle Dress Uses Just 322 Layers; Comprising Mostly Adjustment Layers To Mask Out Certain Fractal Element Sections, To Help Achieve The Color Scheme And Highlights That I Wanted To See In The Piece.

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