At The Opera by Thomas Francis Dicksee
At The Opera by Thomas Francis Dicksee

At The Opera by British Painter Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819 – 1895), who was a portrait artist specializing in the historical genre.

At The Opera is a genre painting of a beautiful young lady sitting in an opera box watching an operatic performance, dressed in a beautiful dress, wearing gold and pearl earrings, gold and pearl necklace and a double layer pearl bracelet with gold clasp.

On the top of her hear is a bouquet of flowers, and in her left hand she is holding pearl and gold opera glasses; while her right hand is fitted with a white glove that is holding a kerchief and folding fan.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

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Thomas was the pupil of H. P. Briggs. In 1841 he exhibited at the Royal Academy and did so until his death. His brother John Robert Dicksee was a painter, as well as his children, Sir Francis Dicksee and Margaret.

Thomas was a portraitist, as well as a painter of historical genre subjects that were often inspired by the works of William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) an British dramatic poet and actor, considered to be the worlds most renowned and greatest dramatist of all time.

Thomas Dicksee produced a series of portraits of family members, and also painted idealized portraits, including the Shakespearean characters Juliet, Ophelia, Beatrice, Miranda and Ariel.

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