Bus Stop Pinup Girl by Bill Medcalf
Bus Stop Pinup Girl by Bill Medcalf

Bus Stop Pinup Girl by American Painter Bill Medcalf (1920 – 2005); pin-up girl illustrator as well as a portrait and landscape painter who’s career spanned the late 1940s to the late 1960s.

This pin-up girl painting shows a beautiful brunette setting on a bench, that has a large blueish-white sign behind the bench and to her right that says bus stop, that is just off of a country road where we can see a blue sedan driving by.

The wind is blowing vigorously as she has to hold on to her white floral pattern hat on her head with her left hand; while simultaneously positioning her right hand to try and hold on to pink and white dress that is being blown up revealing her sheer brown stockings, white garters and part of her white panty.

She is also wearing a matching pair of high heel white shoes, and in the background we can tell how hard the wind is blowing as the large trees behind her have there branches bent back due to the strong blowing winds.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

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