Charpentier-Deny by Louis-Théophile Hingre Vintage Poster Art
Charpentier-Deny by Louis-Théophile Hingre Vintage Poster Art


Charpentier-Deny c1890 by French Painter Louis-Théophile Hingre (1832 – 1911); known as a painter, illustrator, sculpture and engraver specializing in the sculpting of animals.

This is a fabulous illustration of Art Nouveau Poster Art, depicting an attractive young French woman in bust form, that is set against a lavish floral background of pink and white and yellow roses that are also in the foreground and all around her.

Her face is highlighted with multiple rings set against a light blue sky, with the most outer one comprising a yellow and pink floral pattern, the second one a plain thin slate blue ring and the third composed of an art nouveau repeating pattern of 4 blue tear drops with three shared arches above them set against a white background.

These ring sets are all formed around a brown disc, that complements the young woman’s reddish-brown hair that is flowing upwards and to the front right of the illustration.

Just above the front of her flowing hair is a heart shape with a dark green-blue background that contains four pink-red-yellow rose attached to there thorny stems and with buds of other roses with a small one showing the beginning of a rose.

The stems of the roses flow downward and across her chest connecting to the white-pink roses that are on the right side of her chest; and on the stems are some budding red roses with red stems, that are beginning to bloom.

On her head she is wearing an elaborate mix of gold jewelry, gemstones and pearls that seem to form a side plate that fits over her ear and under her hair; and protrudes upwards and downwards from the back, and most likely wraps around the back of her head.

At various looping parts of this elaborate gold headpiece are round and heart shaped rubies and emeralds, with the head of a green dragon on one end holding a yellow diamond in its mouth.

This is linked to a large emerald heart stone that sits on what looks like a brooch with extending gold rays at the bottom and loops at the top holding small emerald spheres; and this pieces through a chain sequence connects to a white pearl at the front of her head.

On the side of her head are two large red roses with there leaves attached; and from underneath them hangs an elaborate gold and gemstone sphere earring, that encloses a light green sculpted gemstone that hangs down to her neck, on which she as a multiple square plate gold choker.

The choker comprises white porcelain figures on a red background and alternated with a diamond shape red ruby standing on its end with four gold spheres at each end.

Her dress, which is of a deep-v neck cut design of which we can see a portion of on her right shoulder is composed of a dark blue-green material with two gold lines; the upper which has a series of open loops.

Off her shoulder is a large white, pink, yellow and red rose that overflows the intricate frame that borders the portrait of the young woman.

Since the border was plain and a little dirty, I decided to substitute it with a fractal design I created and to create an embossing effect to enhance the framing look.

I also add some mirrored typography and my fractal art logo in the empty space at the bottom; as well as a tan and dark brown frame to the illustration.

Charpentier-Deny is a remastered digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image that is available as a canvas print online.

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