What is Classical Realism Art – Critically Detailed

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Classical Realism Art

What is Classical Realism Art? For many people, classical means the era of Impressionist or the works of artists who used real objects (usually oil paints) to express ideas about societal ills and struggles. Some people think that these painters are merely “pretenders” and that what they portray is pure fantasy, when in actuality their work uses elements from real life like actual cities, and monuments as well as natural landscapes.

classical realism - Un Temple Circulaire Jadis Dédié by Hubert Robert
Un Temple Circulaire Jadis Dédié by Hubert Robert

Classical Realism is about the reality of the present. It does not give importance to timeless ideas or ideals. In his book The Art of the Metaphysician, Jean Sibelius puts forward his idea, “Art is not so much a kind of art form but the expression of a truth which is immediate and concrete.” This means that all art is truthful and beautiful in one way or another. Classical Realism paintings use the medium of paint and canvas to convey ideas and ideals. It is an approach towards art that is critical and inventive.

The works of Picasso, Dali, and Monet are the keystones of what is Classical Realism art. However, these artists were also contemporary artists. They created art which deals with issues of beauty, reality, and social problems. It was after these paintings were committed to the art gallery that people began to question the validity of what is Realistic. People began to ask if it was just a matter of being beautiful or of having aesthetic appreciation; they wanted a work that had some underlying significance.

The question of what is classical realism art still continues today. Is realistic art pure art, or is it also a form of advertising? Is Picasso’s “Cubism” truly a work of art or is it just a way to display advertising clippings? Is Monet’s “Sleeping Woman” art? These are the questions that continue to haunt artists and those who appreciate art.

When analyzing works of art one must keep in mind that it is merely a medium through which ideas and emotions are expressed. The content should be of interest to those who are looking. If a work of art is boring, it simply will not be enjoyed. The content needs to be of interest to those who are looking.

In what is classical realism art there is a certain level of emotional relevance attached to the work. The artist may be commenting on current events, or commenting on personal issues. He may be commenting on things that are painful in one’s life. However, he may be commenting on anything, because the artist makes his point by means of his work.

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