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Baroque Period

What is the Baroque period? The term “Baroque” is not a Western word. In fact, the term has its roots in Italian, where it means old. In English, however, it is used to describe any era of Western art whose origins are old but have been modernized. Baroque music, then, is any genre or period of Western music which follows the development of classical music, though it is not a pure genre.

What is the Baroque Period? The Baroque period is divided into five major eras or styles. The first two are the Classical and the Romantic Periods. The Classical Periods were characterized by a gradual development of classical instruments and tonal concepts, such as the classical piano and the organ. It is considered to be the birth of the baroque genre. Also included in this are such new musical styles as the Baroque dance, the movement of organs and other instruments in the orchestra, and the use of voices instead of instruments.

Baroque Period - The Triumph of Frederik Hendrik Prince of Orange
The Triumph of Frederik Hendrik Prince of Orange

The Romantic Period, sometimes known as the Baroque Period, lasted from about 1600 to about 1750, during which new musical styles emerged. One of these was the Baroque style, which developed in Italy during the period. Another style was the Viennese Baroque, which owed everything to the Viennese Baroque School of guitar-playing, which had been established in the late nineteenth century. And last but not least, there was the Baroque pop, which came out of the German Baroque period. All of these styles, however, had one thing in common: they drew on many sources, especially the religious church.

It is interesting to note how the Baroque Period influenced Renaissance architecture. Most of the great cathedrals of the Renaissance had baroque architecture, including the famous catacombs of Rome. Additionally, the famous cathedral of Verona, known as the dome of Baroque, also owes its foundation to the baroque era. Baroque architecture was the ideal type of architecture for large congregations, since it was often taller and more impressive than other forms of architecture at that time. This was especially true for the papacy, which used baroque architecture to house its people.

The Baroque Period had a major influence on the development of Italian Renaissance architecture, particularly in the late 16th century. It was the catalyst for much of the architectural advancements that were made during the late medieval period and the Renaissance Period. It allowed for an artistic style that was closer to nature than any of the other periods in history. The Baroque Period gave birth to the designs most associated with Italian Renaissance architecture today.

The Baroque Period also spawned some of the most famous churches in the world, including the famous one in Chartres. Known for being the tallest and most impressive church in all of Europe at the time, it was built using a baroque style. Much of the architecture in the Chartres Cathedral and many of the buildings that are similar in design can be seen throughout Europe today, even though many of the building were destroyed during World War II. One of the most popular examples of a church that was largely constructed in the baroque style can be found in the church of San Vitale, near Barano, Italy.

Baroque architecture can also be found in the architecture of modern day Rome. Most of the original features of the Colosseum can still be seen and the span of the stadium can be nearly twice as long as its height. This long history of baroque architecture in Rome has given the city the reputation as being one of the leading cities in the world in terms of baroque style architecture.

Today there are many modern constructions that follow baroque music and design. Many modern builders and architects try to employ the baroque style as an inspiration for their work. New musical styles have even been developed which often take inspiration from the baroque period. Whether you listen to contemporary classical music or more traditional, inspiring baroque music, you can be sure that there will be a new musical style to suit your tastes.

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