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Daria Cyborg Queen Sci-Fi Fantasy Fractal Art Portrait
Daria Cyborg Queen Sci-Fi Fantasy Fractal Art Portrait

Daria Cyborg Queen is my first Full Fractal female humanoid looking portrait.

The portrait has a retro sci-fi book cover or movie poster look with the queen in the center, a title above her and a caption below her.

Daria’s face is composed of a copper metallic skull and a lower blue organic face that includes a mechanical looking nose, cybernetic eyes and the skull clamping mechanism.

At the top of her head is one can see through the transparent portion of her head electrical activity that coincides with her advance cybernetic brain.

At the sides of her face and around the back of her head is a partially metallic cloak like garment to give her the look of a supreme ruler; with a star lighted necklace as an accent piece.

Then for the background there is a large blurred fractal to accent the portrait of her face.

Daria Cyborg Queen is composed of 169 layers of which 59 fractals were used in creating this portrait.

30 fractals were used to create the eyes, eye sockets, brows and lashes; 1 fractal for the lips; 6 fractals for the nose and supporting structure; 2 fractals for the face; 7 fractals for the skull; 5 fractals for the garment; 2 fractals for the necklace; 1 fractal for the background; 5 fractals for additional accents.

To create the fractals I used the Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator and I assembled the fractals and did post process with the Photo Elements 7 Image Editor.

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