De Zuiderhavendijk in Enkhuizen by Cornelis Springer
De Zuiderhavendijk in Enkhuizen by Cornelis Springer

De Zuiderhavendijk in Enkhuizen

De Zuiderhavendijk in Enkhuizen c1868 by Dutch Painter Cornelis Springer (1817 – 1891); a Dutch 19th Century Cityscape painter.

This is a town view landscape painting by a canal in de Zuiderhavendijk, which is a street and harbor in the Dutch town of Enkhuizen.

In this scene we can see the people of the town going about their daily routine on a bright sunny day, as one man feeds his horse that is tethered to a cart (with a dog sitting inside) some hay, as a couple passes by him.

With more people by the buildings on the right engaging in activity, that includes preparing food from vegetables and fruits; and on the bridge and opposite bank we can see even more people working and interacting with each other.

We also see a man in his boat, a black and a white chicken near the bank, a mother and sun walking pass a tree, speaking to each other, while another boy crosses the road.

De Zuiderhavendijk in Enkhuizen is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Below Information Courtesy

Cornelis was the son of carpenter Willem Springer, who was also his first teacher; he was also the pupil of Dutch painters Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate, Kasparus Karsen, and Jacobus van der Stok.

He was a member of the Amsterdam painters collective Felix Meritis; which is the name of a building on the Keizersgracht (a canal) in Amsterdam; and won a gold medal in 1847 for a painting of a church interior.

Cornelis was known for his watercolors, drawings and etchings; but is best remembered for cityscapes and townscapes that he created while traveling throughout the Netherlands.

In 1865 he was awarded the Leopold Order of Belgium; which is one of three Belgian National Honorary Orders of Knighthood; and in 1878, was invited along with Dutch Painter Jozef Israëls (1824 – 1911), to advise the Dutch Ministry of Public Affairs on the plans for the Rijksmuseum (the Dutch National Museum of Art and History).

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