Haremsleben by Franz Xaver Simm
Haremsleben by Franz Xaver Simm

Haremsleben c1882 by Austrian Painter Franz Xaver Simm (1853 – 1918), illustrator and a student of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts; who studied under Eduard von Engerth and Anselm Feuerbach.

A colorful painting of a lavishly decorated Harem with a multitude of women laying lazily about on pillows and rugs, while looking at jewelry, eating fruit, smoking, drinking wine and talking to each other as well as to the men that are in their company.

Among the classical pillars that support the arch roof, we can see beautifully embroidered drapes to the far left and far right of the building that are hanging across ropes that are tied to the pillars.

In the center of the courtyard is a small fountain, with some plants and grass off to the right; and directly up a number of steps behind other women laying on rugs and pillows with a dancing girl entertaining them we can see a much larger fountain.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

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