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Heavenly Angel Wing Cross Vintage Satin Fractal Art
Heavenly Angel Wing Cross Vintage Satin Fractal Art

This is variation on my original Heavenly Angel Wing Cross Fractal Art Composition, in which I have toned down the blue for a vintage look to the piece for print all over garments.

With this variation I’ve shifted the blue hues over to a vintage brown color. I then duplicated the image several times and changes the size of each duplication in a step fashion.

Then I applied a blur on each duplicated piece until they blended together seamlessly; thus creating the illusion that the winged cross sword is coming out of a metallic plate.

The Heavenly Angel Wings Cross Fractal Art Composition Is Composed Of 13 Fractal Elements Carefully Arranged To Produce An Illuminated Cross And Layered Wing Structures.

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