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Heavenly Angel Wings Cross Fractal Art - The Sword Of Light
Heavenly Angel Wings Cross Fractal Art – The Sword Of Light

As We Travel The Road Of Life Encountering The Many Obstacles That Present Themselves, The Heavenly Angel Wings Cross Sword Of Light Illuminates The Path We Travel Lightening The Burdens We May Encounter Along The Way.

This simple but effective eye catching fractal art piece is one of my most popular, as the combination of the fractals used to build out the Angel Wings, The Sword Of Light and the background and foreground; give the piece a unique mystical look.

The winged sword is further enhanced by the white, blue-grey fractals that rise in the background as a white gaseous flame.

Many people tend to equate this piece with the Archangel Michael and the Holy Spirit; but the reality is that this fractal artwork was inspired by simple black and white clip art that was created by a fellow artist on Zazzle in the winter of 2012, if my memory serves correctly.

I also recently did a Vintage Satin variation of this piece, which gives the fractal artwork different look and feel.

The Heavenly Angel Wings Cross Fractal Art Composition Is Composed Of 13 Fractal Elements Carefully Arranged To Produce An Illuminated Cross And Layered Wing Structures. Click this link to see another variant of the Heavenly Angel Wings Cross

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