In The Spot Light by Edward Mason Eggleston
In The Spot Light by Edward Mason Eggleston

In The Spot Light c1937 by American Painter Edward Mason Eggleston (1882 – 1941), an who specialized in fashionable and fantasy women’s calendar portraits. He was also known as a commercial illustrator doing work for such firms as the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Fisk Tire Company, and the Great Lakes Exposition.

An Art Deco portrait of a young lady dressed in an elegant black dress with a red lining and a black hat & shoes combination, dancing with a tambourine in her left hand.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

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Edward Mason Eggleston (22 November 1882 – 14 January 1941) was an American painter who specialized in calendar portraits of women, fashionable and fantastic.

He was also a well known commercial illustrator doing work for companies such as the Fisk Tire Company, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Great Lakes Exposition.

He attended the Columbus Art School in Columbus, Ohio and moved to New York about 1915, where he worked to illustrate magazine covers, travel posters, advertisements and calendars.

He worked primarily with oil paints on canvas, and also with pastels, water colors, and gouache.

Eggleston tapped into an American trend toward escapist fantasy during the Great Depression years of the 1930s.

Described as “storytelling,” his calendar works focused on women in stylish and fashionable dresses and hats, swimwear, or costumed as Native-American women, “Egyptian Goddesses,” pirate girls, and women in the character of Peter Pan

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