La morte di Cesare (The Assassination of Julius Caesar) by Vincenzo Camuccini
La Morte di Cesare (The Assassination of Julius Caesar) by Vincenzo Camuccini

La Morte di Cesare

La Morte di Cesare (The Assassination of Julius Caesar or The Death of Caesar) c1804 by Italian Painter Vincenzo Camuccini (1771 – 1844); was considered to be the Premier Academic Painter of his time in Rome and was also a painter of Neoclassic religious and historic paintings.

This is a powerful painting of that faithful day on March 15, 44 B.C. in Roman History; when in the Roman Senate House, Julius Caesar is murdered by 60 conspirators that were led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus.

The assassins of Caesar all gather around and begin stabbing and hacking at him as the other member of the Senate look on in a state of horror and shock of the events unfolding before their very eyes.

This is a retouched digital art reproduction of a public domain image.

Below information derived from and above information derived from

Vincenzo was born in Rome and was first mentored by his his brother Pietro who was a picture restorer and also by Italian Engraver Pietro Leone Bombelli.

Vincenzo’s brother worked at the studio of Neoclassic Italian Painter Domenico Corvi (1721 – 1803); where gave up his position so that Vincenzo could take his place.

From his early years as a painter till about the age of 30, Vincenzo dedicated himself to producing copies of the old master; but the age of 27 in 1798 he completed his first major independent work titles The Death of Julius Caesar.

During his artistic career Camuccini attained great notoriety as a portrait painter, producing portraits of Pope Pius VII, the Comte de Blacas, Ambassador from France to the Holy See; the King of Naples; and the Queen of Naples; The Countess Sehouvaloff; and the Countess von Dietrichstein c1829.

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