Lady White Todd by Philip de László
Lady White Todd by Philip de László

Lady White Todd by Philip de László

Lady White Todd (before 1937) by Hungarian Painter Philip de László (1869 – 1937); know for his portraits of royalty and aristocrats.

A portrait of Lady White Todd, née Miss Aline Lefebvre wearing a violet evening, arms length white evening gloves, a very long pearl necklace that is wrapped seven times around her neck and pearl earrings.

She is leaning against a large wooden pedestal with her left elbow resting on its top, holding theater glasses in her left hand with her right hand supporting them buy the handle.

Finally, in the portrait lying by her feet we can see her faithful Jack Russell Terrier.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Info Below Derived From

László was born in humble circumstances in Budapest as Fülöp Laub, the eldest son of Adolf and Johanna Laub, a tailor and seamstress of Jewish origin. Fülöp and his younger brother Marczi changed their surname to László in 1891.

At an early age, Philip was apprenticed to a photographer while studying art, and eventually earned a placement at the National Academy of Art, where he studied under Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz; and would later continue his studies in Munich and Paris.

In 1900 László visited the Vatican and met with the aging Pope Leo XIII and during that year painted a portrait of Pope Leo XIII which was exhibited at the Paris International Exhibition, earning him a Grand Gold Medal.

In 1903, László moved from Budapest to Vienna; then in 1907, he moved to England and remained in London for the remainder of his life; although travelling extensively throughout the world to fulfill commissions.

In 1909, László was invested MVO by Edward VII, and in 1912, he was ennobled by King Franz Joseph of Hungary; his surname then became “László de Lombos”, but he soon was using the name “de László”.

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