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Lightasm Swirl Fractal Art Composition
Lightasm Swirl Fractal Art Composition

Lightasm Swirl A Fractal Creation Of Swirling Fractal Forms That Transition From Terra Firma To The Heavenly Bodies Of The Universe.

This light emitting fractal composition is composed of about a dozen fractals, with the central piece being a moon shaped object that seems to have light being cast on it from the top.

On either side are lightning cloud look fractals and at the center a collection of fractals that for a floating structure, giving the appearance that it holds the moon in place.

Finishing off the piece is a set of ground looking fractals that form a landscape with a lighted star next to the bottom which is part of the double wedge ring fractal above it.

This is the sister piece to The Light Of Hope On Golden Wings and the piece on which the light of hope is based.

This Fractal Artwork Composition Was Created Using The Fractal Generator Fractron 9000 And The PhotoImpact Image Editor.

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