Mischief and Repose by John William Godward
Mischief and Repose by John William Godward

Mischief and Repose c1895 by British Painter John William Godward (1861–1922), who’s career spanned the end of the Neo-Classical era. He also painted in the Symbolism, Aestheticism and Academic Art Movement Styles.

An amusing a colorful a painting of something we’ve all done at some period of our lives; as one young lady sleeps on a tiger skin on a marble bench, another young lady sitting on another animal skin on the marble floor takes a stick and starts playing with the sleeping young ladies hair.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Info Below From Wikipedia.org

He was the eldest of five children, and was named after his father John and grandfather William. He was christened at St. Mary’s Church in Battersea on 17 October 1861.

Godward was a Victorian Neo-Classicist, and therefore, in theory, a follower of Frederic Leighton. However, he is more closely allied stylistically to Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, with whom he shared a penchant for the rendering of Classical architecture – in particular, static landscape features constructed from marble.

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