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Orb Of Acrellis Fractal Art Composition
Orb Of Acrellis Fractal Art Composition

The Orb Of Acrellis The Most Ancient Of All The Ancient Artifacts Known To Man Dates Back To A Time Before The Recorded History OF Mankind, Yet It Follows All The Building Techniques That Ancient Man Used 10,000 Years Later To Build The Wondrous Greek Temples, The Mighty Pyramids And The Roman Cities That Inspired The Imperial Magnificence Of Rome.

How Can Such A Thing Be And How Can Something That Has Been Buried In Over A Thousand Feet OF Stone Still Look New And Still Vibrate With An Energy That We In The 25th Century Can Not Understand.

Is The Orb OF Acrellis A Creation Of One Of Man’s Unknown Ancestors Or Is It A Creation OF An Alien Civilization Now Long Gone?

Gaining Access To This Knowledge Can Change Not Only The History Of Our Existence But The Course Of Knowledge That Can Usher In A New Age.

The Orb Of Acrellis Is Composed 112 Objects Consisting Of 45 Fractal Elements Created Using The GPU Based Fractal Generator Fractron 9000, With Post Processing And Assembling OF The Fractal Elements Done Using The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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