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Peonies In A Vase by Hans Zatzka
Peonies In A Vase by Hans Zatzka

Peonies In A Vase

Peonies In A Vase by Austrian Painter Hans Zatzka (1859 – 1945); also known as P. Ronsard, Pierre de Ronsard, or H. Zabateri and he signed many of his works as Joseph Bernard, J. Bernard, or Bernard Zatzka to avoid the penalties of braking contracts that limited how many works he could sell.

This is a simple and beautiful still life painting of white Tree Peonies (which are a woody Perennial Shrub that bloom in early spring); that have been places in a glazed ceramic emerald green and cobalt blue vase with a handle.

The vase has a floral relief along its wide base and across half of the body of the vase with a wonder orange plant bulb that provides a nice colorful accent.

The peonies for the most part, are in full bloom and appear to have been freshly cut and watered; as we can see large water droplets on some of the flowers.

The flowers are also accompanied with there large green leaves of which there are a few behind the vase, along with a part of a peony that is in front to the left side with its stem attached.

The vase is sitting on a table with a pattern table cloth on it; with the table being placed up against a textured brown wall; with light streaming in from the left at a high angle, illuminate the vase of flowers

This is a remastered digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image that is available as a canvas rolled art print online.

Info Below Derived From Wikipedia.org

Hans Zatzka sometimes been known as P. Ronsard, Pierre de Ronsard, or H. Zabateri, and signed many of his works as Joseph Bernard, J. Bernard, or Bernard Zatzka.

The purpose of Zatzka’s vast array of pseudonyms was to avoid penalties of breaking contracts which limited the amount of artwork he could sell.

This has caused some art databases to conflate Zatzka’s work under the pseudonym Joseph Bernard with the French sculptor with the same name.

Hans Zatzka was born on 8 March 1859 in Vienna. His father Bartholomaüs was a construction worker, and his mother was Marie Karpischek Zatzka.

Between 1877 and 1882, he studied at the Academie des Beaux-Arts, under Christian Griepenkerl, Carl Wurzinger, and Karl von Blaas.

Zatzka was able to earn a living through the production of frescoes for churches and other institutions.

In 1885, Zatzka was commissioned to create the ceiling fresco The Naiad of Baden at Kurhaus Baden.

Many of Zatzka’s works were religious paintings and altar pieces dedicated to various churches in Austria.

However, he is more known for his paintings of women, fairies, and other fantastical scenes.

Often, he would draw inspiration from the works of Richard Wagner and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, several pieces by Zatzka were photographed and made into commercial and collectable postcards.

During the 1920s, Zatzka’s style became the decor of choice throughout Europe. In addition, the previous thirty years held a resurgence for Zatzka.

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