Pi Day 3.14.15 Star Blaze
Pi Day 3.14.15 Star Blaze Is A Fractal Art Composition

Pi Day 3 14 15

This Gothic fractal composition celebrates “The Math Event Of The Century” Pi Day 3.14.15.

The Pi Day 3 14 15 fractal scene is composed of multiple pedestal like structures starting at the bottom with what looks like an intricate piece of carved stone. that rises into multiple cloud layers.

As the clouds rise we come upon the first wide layer of stone on which another chiseled grey stone layer rest and on top of that a winged stoned layer on which rays of golden light are emitted and two large circular loops encompass an orb.

On the front of the piece is Pi Day 3.14.15 close to the top of the grey stone, below that are three disc, one imposed on top of the other with a star burst in between the disc layers and the Pi symbol on the front.

On the bottom is the quote “The Math Event Of The Century”.

This Pi Day 3 14 15 scene was created using the Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator and the Photo Elements 7 image editor.

Pi Day 3.14.15 Star Blaze

Pi Day 3.14.15 Star Blaze Creation Walk Through
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