Space Station Ansarious Fractal Art Composition
Space Station Ansarious Fractal Art Composition

Space Station Ansarious: Report Top Secret – Station Emergence In Sector Alpha Gamma Delta i9759
Space Station Ansarious Is Reported To Have Emerged From A Trans-Dimensional Jump Station On 3011:12:19 At 21:22 Hours During A Routine Maintenance And Fire Up Testing Procedure.

Ansarious Was Believed Destroyed When The Insin 7 System In Sector 8527 Imploded Sucking In All Matter Within The System.

This Included The Binary Stars, The 9 Planets And 15 Moons That Made Up The System, Several Orbiting Platforms And The 307th Fleet Comprising 215 Ships And Over 45,000 Personnel.

Total Estimated Humanoid Life Form Losses Is Figured At 497,235,177,000 As These Were Some Of The Largest M3 Class Giant Planets In That Sector Of The Galaxy.

What Makes This Event Even More Incredible Is That The Smaller Of Binary Stars Is 10,000 Bigger Than The Biggest Planet In The System; So How Does All That Mass Just Vanish.

No Debris, No Radiation, Nothing, Absolutely Nothing Except For The Orbital Shifts Encountered By Surrounding Solar Systems Due To The Disappearance Of These Massive Celestial Bodies.

No Explanation Has Been Found As To Why The Insin 7 System Imploded Or Where All That Mass Went; But With The Mysterious Appearance Of The Ansarious Maybe We Can Find Some Answers.

The Entire Quadrant Has Been Quarantined And Experts In Trans-Dimensional Teleportation Have Been Dispatched To Begin A Preliminary Assessment Of The Situation.

Military Personnel Have Been Scrambled And Placed On Alert Status With Additional Forces Being Dispatched To The Area.

The 101th Battle Group, The 525th Arcnet Fleet And The Meridian Special Forces Group Should Be At The Jump Station In Less Than A Day.

Commander Oslo Occustius Has Been Assigned To Lead The Task Force And Take Charge Of The Entire Mission. All Personnel, Civilian, Scientific And Military Will Be Under His Direct Authority.

As Of Now The Space Station Ansarious Seems To Be Fully Operational, But No Communication Has Been Established With Any Of The Over 10,000 Personnel That Were Known To Be Aboard When She Disappeared.

Until The Experts Get To The Jump Station, Probes Are The Only Tools That Are Being Used To Gather As Much Information As Possible Bout The Stations condition And Any Anomalies Which May Explain Her Presence Here.

The Jump Station Has Also Been Set To Zero Point Blowout, In Case Something That Jeopardizes The Station And The Surrounding System Is Detected, This Protection Protocol Will Automatically Activate.

This Emergency Option Will Eject Everything Within The Station To A Zero Energy Dimension, Destroying The Entire Station And Killing Whatever Survivors There May Be On Board; But This Is An Option Of Last Resort.

Currently The Ansarious Station Is Being Held In A Trans-Flux Energy Field Since It Is Capable Of Traveling At Three Times The Speed Of Light And This Will Not Allow Anything To Leave The Jump Station And Also Aides In The Quarantine Process.
End Report.

About The Piece:
Space Station Ansarious Is A Fractal Art Composition With Both A Sci-Fi Tech Look And An Organic Mystical Dragon Like Appearance.

It Is Composed Like My Other Artwork Of Fractal Elements Which I Create Using The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator.

Space Station Ansarious Is Composed Of 89 Fractal Objects Comprising 47 Fractal Elements; 22 Of Those Elements Make Up The Space Station.

I Also Used 141 Adjustment Layers For Masking, Color Adjustments And Light Level Tweaking Of The Fractal Elements.

Another 11 Layers Were Also Used As Under Mask To Easily Block Out Fractal Portions That Were Below Other Fractals Where I Did Not Want The Fractals To Blend Through.

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