Sultry Evening Glamour by Art Frahm
Sultry Evening Glamour by Art Frahm

Sultry Evening Glamour

Sultry Evening Glamour by American Painter Art Frahm (1907 – 1981); Pin-up Girl and Advertising Artist from the 1940s to the 1960s

Sultry Evening Glamour is a portrait of a glamorous sultry redhead posing against a stone balcony with a decorative fence on her right on a stary clear moonlit night sky that is illuminating her body from her right.

She is wearing a collection of red, blue and white flowers on the left side of her silky red hair. She is out fitted in a pink silk dress with a gold claspe at the center breast line.

She is also wearing a double loop pearl necklace, that she has her index of her left hand through; a diamond earrings and a ring with an embeded ruby at its center on her right hand, as well as dual gold bracelet with a center gemstone on her right wrist.

Sultry Evening Glamour is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Info Below Derived From

Frahm is best known for his “Ladies in Distress” pin-up girls paintings in which beautiful young women casually going about their daily business suddenly and mysteriously have their panties fall to the ground in a variety of public situations, causing maximum embarrassment and often causing them to spill their bag of groceries.

In one of Frahm’s noted idiosyncratic touches, celery is often depicted. The falling-panties paintings were also imitated by other pin-up artists, such as Jay Scott Pike and Al Brulé.

In addition to pin-ups, Frahm created a series of humorous hobo themed calendar illustrations. Another set of paintings celebrated traffic safety, complete with smiling, chubby crossing guards and schoolchildren (one such painting appears as a calendar print in the background of a bar scene in the movie Hud). His advertising art included works for Coca-Cola and Coppertone.

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