Tamalin 5 Fractal Art Composition
Tamalin 5 Fractal Art Composition

Tamalin 5 Sanctuary Of The Eplidian Floating In The Galactic Wind Between The Ciphidian And Osmision Nebula’s.

An Ancient Edifice The Emanates The Power Of The Stars And The Tranquility Of Still Water Reflecting The Light Of The Galaxy.

Tamalin 5 Is One Of The Largest Space Structures Ever Constructed And Unlike Other Space Structures Tamalin 5 Is Carved Out Of An Asteroid Composed Of Beryllium Athranytic Carbon; One Of The Rarest Hardest Materials Known In The Universe.

A Little Bit About The Piece
Tamalin 5 Is Science Fiction Space Scene With Galactic Clouds, Nebula’s And Planets That Surround A Space Super Structure That Represents An Advance Ancient Structure Sitting At The Heart Of The Galaxy.

The Piece Is Made Up Of 105 Fractal Objects That Comprise 40 Fractal Elements Created Using The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator Assembled And Post Processed With The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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