Temple Of Golden Fire Fractal Art Composition
Temple Of Golden Fire Fractal Art Composition

Long have the Arkenites marveled at the Power and Beauty of Fire and have harnessed it’s Cosmic Attributes to build their massive civilizations.

To this end The Temple Of Golden Fire was erected, for it is the central pillar that pays homage to one of natures most powerful and useful forces.

To Show Their Piety To The Cosmic Fire The Monks Of The Asusian Sect Hewed The Temple Of Golden Fire Out Of The Heart Of The Asusian Mountain With Their Bare Hands; And Over Millenia Pilgrims Have Come To This Sacred Place To Marvel At The Eternal Fire.

Temple Of Golden Fire Is Composed Of 96 Objects Comprising 38 Fractal Elements Created Using The GPU Based Fractal Generator Fractron 9000.

The Fractal Elements Are Then Assembled And Post Processed Into A Fractal Art Composition Using The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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