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The Dream Orb Fractal Art Composition
The Dream Orb Fractal Art Composition

Dream Orb Is Derived From My Previous Fractal Composition The “Arrow Head”.

Many Of The Cloud Fractals Of The “Arrow Head” Artwork Were Removed And I Added Several Fractals To Form A Container, Crown And A highlighted Center Seal.

I Re-positioned The Sun, Planet Ring And Cloud Fractals So That They Would Embrace The Orb And Flare Fractal.

The Wonderful Color Of The Dream Orb Is Accomplished By Using Black Overlays Over The Sun Fractal And Adjusting The Opacity Till Just The Right Tone And Over Glow Develops.

The 12 Fractal Elements Of This Fractal Art Composition Were Created Using The GPU Based Fractal Generator Fractron 9000 And Assembled And Post Processed In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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