Trilia Elegance Fractal Portrait Fractal Art Composition
The Elegance Of Trilia Fractal Art Portrait Composition

The Elegance of Trilia is a fractal Portrait composition of a female warrior standing before an intergalactic gateway.

She has a beautifully colored violet cape that accents the blue and orange/ yellow accents that make up her encounter battle uniform and her ray guns which she holds in her hands.

She is standing on a grunge metallic structure that frames the gateway, in which one can see a collection of nebulae, three planet, a radiating sun and stars.

Also surrounding her is a colorful cloud mist the blends nicely with the galactic gateway, giving the impression that she is coming from it.

A Little About The Piece

The Elegance Of Trilia Fractal Portrait is the last variant of my Trilia fractal artwork.

This version is further refined with more body detail; with Trilia in her encounter battle uniform and ray guns in each of her hands, standing before an intergalactic gateway with a view of brightly colored nebulae, planets and stars.

The Elegance Of Trilia is composed of a total of 714 layers; 242 which comprise the fractals that make up the piece; and the other 472 are used for masking and color value adjustments.

The tools used include the Fractron 9000 fractal generator and the Photo Elements 7 image editor for assembling. enhancing and color tuning of the fractal elements.

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