The Irritating Gentleman by Berthold Woltze
The Irritating Gentleman by Berthold Woltze

The Irritating Gentleman

The Irritating Gentleman (Der lästige Kavalier) c1874 by German Painter Berthold Woltze (1829 – 1896); genre, painter and illustrator.

In this genre scene set in the late 1800s we have a group of individuals in a train car crossing the countryside; the people in the car compose an elderly gentleman seated in the rear of the car, a middle aged man in the middle seat and a young lady sitting in the front seat of the car.

The train car is fairly small from the looks of it or at least from the painted perspective and focuses on two individuals, the young blonde haired lady that is looking directly at the viewer sitting by the open window of the car and the annoying man smoking a cigar trying to force his attentions on her.

The young lady is dressed in a black full length dress, with black buttons on the front, a long black cloak that is fastened about the neck, and black gloves leather gloves; with her left hand holding a brown coin purse and white kerchief against her lap.

She also has a dark brown hat with a black brim position to her left, that is resting on her left leg and the wall of the train car; as well as a large brown travel bag with a large floral print on both sides, a black pair of handles and brass clasps that keep it closed.

In front of her is a medium sized wooden box with artist signature and to rolled grey cloths by it side.

The annoying man is standing up and leaning on the backrest of the seat the young lady is sitting in resting his right forearm over a clue and black plaid coat thrown over the backrest holding a lit cigar in his right hand.

His left forearm is position horizontally on the top of the backrest as he leans forward trying to engage the young lady in conversation.

He is wearing a dirty grey hat with a wide black band around it, spectacles, a large red bow tie, white shirt, grey jacket and a leather strap over his right shoulder.

The elderly gentleman in the is wearing a brown and black fur cap, and we can see nothing more of it.

While the irritating gentleman seeks to get the young ladies attention, we can see what looks like a tear coming down from her right eye.

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Berthold Woltze was a professor at Weimar Saxon Grand Ducal Art School. In the period from 1871 to 1878 he published numerous of his works in the Gartenlaube newspaper. One of his most famous works is Der lästige Kavalier, translated as “The Irritating Gentleman” or “The Annoying Cavalier.”

He is the father of the architectural painter Peter Woltze (1860–1925).

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