The Renidron Fractal Art Composition
The Renidron Fractal Art Composition


The Renidron Portrait Depicts The Fabled Race Of Audorian Warriors With Deep Red Eyes, Golden Head Structures With A White Tanned Feathered Mane And A Tip Of Blue.

This Ornate Images Interprets The Audorian Home Planet; A Hot Desert Like Place Composed Of Rocky Terrain And Glowing Vent Holes Of Arthianic Gas, which they are perfectly suited for and for almost all other species is deadly.

This Composition Is Composed Of Fractals Created With Both Fractron 9000 And Mandlebulb 3D Consisting Of A Total Of 31 Fractal Objects Comprising 19 Fractal Elements.

The Color Variations Of The Image Are Done Using Multiple Adjustment Layers On Each Of The Fractal Elements Creating Nice Transitioning Tones Of Brown.

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