The Swing by Edouard Bisson
The Swing by Edouard Bisson

The Swing

The Swing by French Painter Edouard Bisson (1856 – 1945); is known for his idealized and romanticized paintings of women in atmospheric landscapes. Bisson’s work focused on elevating a stylized form of feminine beauty during the Fin de Siècle.

This fanciful fantasy painting by French Painter Edouard Bisson depicts a beautiful semi nude young lady floating among the clouds in a flowing pink and white gown with a floral wreath across her chest and flowers in her auburn colored hair; as she sits on a swing composed of a long vine and flowers, while a baby angel pushes her back and forth from below and two other baby angels watch her from behind just off of her left shoulder.

This is a retouched digital art reproduction of a public domain image.

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