The Three Graces by Edouard Bisson
The Three Graces by Edouard Bisson

The Three Graces (Die drei Grazien) c1899 by French Painter Edouard Bisson (1856 – 1939); is known for is idealized and romanticized paintings of women in atmospheric landscapes.

This is Edouard Bisson beautiful interpretation of the Goddesses of Greek Mythology; which can be three or more goddesses that represent Charm, Beauty, Nature, Creativity, Goodwill and Fertility.

This painting shows three Goddesses siting on a cliff wearing flowing silk gowns, with one of them adorned in pink and white roses; as they greet an approaching flying cherub bearing gifts of fruit; most likely oranges.

This is a retouched digital art reproduction of a public domain image.

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