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The Titans Of Arkeros AI Concept Art by Xzendor7
The Titans Of Arkeros AI Concept Art by Xzendor7

The Titans Of Arkeros

The Titans Of Arkeros AI Concept Art by Xzendor7; the superior humanoids who ruled with an iron fist, but failed to realize the small of might in their numbers.

The Titans of Arkeros: The Fall of an Interstellar Empire

It is said that the Titans of Arkeros were the masters of the mythical world Triphia and all the star systems that made up, what we now call the Havian Sector, with an empire that stretched across 50 parsecs of known space, radiating out from the center of their home world.

Myth has it that they were humanoid creatures of immense intellect and immense size, that were believed to be twenty times the size of a full grown man; and that they were the last of a group of races that first inhabited this area of the galaxy millions of years in the past.

Such was their power that they were able to enslave 1000 star systems and over 300 trillion inhabitants; using these more primitive species to provide them with the resources that their civilization required; and even though there were those that rebelled against the Arkerians, these revolts were quickly dispatched, and order restored.

The Rise of Resistance

But as with all tyrants, they can not maintain power forever; and those that are under the boot of oppression sooner than later form a cohesive force to oppose their oppressors; and this began ironically with the help of the Arkerians.

Since Titans of Arkeros used technology so far in advance of the other civilization that they had conquered; the Arkerians had no choice but to teach these races, first how to use some of their technology, and then later how to build some of the machines required in the acquisition and processing of the materials they need.

Thus these civilization slowly learned and acquired knowledge that would have taken them thousands of years, in just a few hundred years, accelerating the knowledge of these world over what would have been the normal course of events that occurs in nature.

Working secretly and organizing with as many solar system as possible, the day finally came when they struck back, in an effort to finally reclaim their freedom.

The Great Rebellion

The attack came swiftly with 335 star system engaging in an all out attack on the Arkerian outpost situated on their homeworlds; while another contingent of between 500 to 525 star system engaged in acts of sabotage, impeding reinforcements efforts that were needed by the Arkerians to aid in the battle.

With the knowledge the enslaved had gained from their enslaver’s, they were able to produce unique weapons that the Arkerians could not cope with in the sheer numbers that were deployed against them.

Biological Warfare and Its Consequences

As star systems were reclaimed reserve forces would secure and all out attack were implemented on other worlds; but you may be asking what of the other 165 star system that were not involved in the all out war!

These worlds made a conscious decision to use biological weapons against the Arkerians, as these worlds were the riches in resources, and were closest to the Arkerian homeworld with the highest concentration of Titans.

This would form a barrier of worlds that would be deadly to the Arkerians, and would deprive them of the material resources needed to build their great machines and most likely gain an upper hand in the conflict.

But the result in many cases was disastrous to the inhabitants as well; because as the Arkerians realized what had been done to them they laid waist to as much of the surface as they could in brutal retaliation; but such a sacrifice insured that the Akerians would never be able to mount an offensive that could possibly turn the tied of the war.

After 100 years of war, the planet Arkeros was finally at the mercy of all those that they had oppressed for hundreds of years; and surrounded by the fleets of their enemies, the planet was bombard without mercy reducing its great civilization to ruble; and in the last final act all of the war, all of its remaining inhabitants and the planet were reduce to space dust.

The Aftermath

But such a conflict is also devastating to the victors, which had a massive negative effect on the majority of the civilization once under the control of the Titans of Arkeros.

With losses estimated to be at around 225 trillion, the death of so many had a severe impact across the sector; as the best and brightest were lost in the struggle for freedom; and it would take over 500 years before these civilization would rise from the ensuing dark period which followed the conflict.

And so here we now stand looking at a painting created sometime in the distant past, from the legends that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

It depicts the last Titan of Arkeros on its home planet, now turned into a glowing red and yellow fiery wasteland, looking at the mummified remains of a companion; with a star ship in the far distant left and a few remaining structures of a once all powerful culture, and toward the bottom of the painting a small figure witnessing the end of an era.

One must wonder if the ship indicates that some of the Arkerians, may have been able to escape their fate, leaving this sector of space; but we will never know, for nothing of that period is left, only legends of a time long past.

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