The Wings Of Anthropolis
The Wings Of Anthropolis Fractal Art Composition

The Wings Of Anthropolis stand as a beacon of Hope for those that believe all hope is gone.

The Wings Of Anthropolis are the beacon that lights the way when the darkness is all around us.

The Wings Of Anthropolis guide us to the future yet unborn, with the promise of a life with unlimited possibilities.

The Wings Of Anthropolis have always been with us, will always be with us; even through the dark times as well as in the times of light.

About This Piece:
The Wings Of Anthropolis is a piece long over due; and one which I planned on doing several months ago and have finally implemented with a set of new fractals.

Though the image uses a low fractal count as compared to my other fractal compositions it has quite a visual impact as it seems to be radiating light.

In this piece I used fractals created with the Fractron 9000 fractal generator and with the Incendia EX VI fractal generator.

The piece as the name suggest has a central focus on wing like fractal structures that surround a bisected orb.

This structure rest on a pedestal which comprises deep blue orbs and a stacked square platform nestled between layers of light blue and white cloud fractals.

Two the sides are greyish coral like fractals that create a supporting structure that help define the bottom center fractal elements that create a secondary platform isolated from the first.

At top center is a shining star with a cloud flair that partially overlaps the orb and which is highlighted with a nebula star studded background.

The Wings Of Anthropolis is comprised of 77 Layers of which 32 are fractal elements; and they were assembled and post processed using the Photo Elements 7 Image Editor.

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