The Wings Of Heaven Fractal Art Composition
The Wings Of Heaven Fractal Art Composition

The Wings Of Heaven

The Wings Of Heaven Is A Relic As Old As Time Itself, Believed To Have Been Created By The Argarians; A Race Of Beings Once Worshiped As Gods Because Their Technology Was Beyond What All Other Races Had Achieved In The 7 Billion Years Of Recorded History.

The Wings Of Heaven Are Beautiful And A Powerful Technological Development That Transcends Space & Time Able To Transport Anything To Any Part Of This And All Other Known Universes And Dimensions Without Expending Any Energy In Doing So.

Our Technology Allows Us To Travel Virtually Anywhere We Chose But The Amount Of energy Required To Do So Makes It An Endeavor That Must Be Taken Only If Absolutely Necessary.

If We Can Tap The Archives Of The Wings Of Heaven It Will Be Possible For Us To Technologically Jump One Millions Years Into The Future In A Span Of Just One Lifetime; Thus Allowing Us To Tap Into The Power That Made Other Races Think The Argarians Were Gods.

Therefore We Are Gathering Together The Greatest Minds In The Galaxy For One Of The Greatest Journeys Ever Taken In Modern Recorded History; A Journey That Will Usher In A New Dawn In The History Of Civilized Worlds Everywhere.

The Wings Of Heaven Fantasy Sci-Fi Fractal Art Composition Is Composed Of 87 Fractal Objects Comprising 31 Fractal Elements Which Were Created Using The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator; Assembled And Post Processed In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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