Thera Queen Of The Galaxy Fractal Portrait
Thera Queen Of The Galaxy Is A Fractal Art Portrait

Thera Queen Of The Galaxy

Thera Queen Of The Galaxy Has Ruled During The Time Of Great Exploration, The Expansion Of Her Reign, The Terrible System Wars That Consumed Whole Planets And The Building Of Empire States As Citadels Of Power That Extended Her Rule Throughout The Galaxy.

It Was The War Against The Thygorians That Demonstrated Her Will And Power; In A Long Fought War Which Wiped Out That Savage Race That For 10 Years Had Been Wiping Out Other Races On Planet After Planet, Spreading Fear Throughout The Outer Rim.

When Finally Defeated And Driven Back To Their Home World The Thygorians And Their Entire Planet Was Wiped From The Face Of The Universe Never To Been Seen And Never To Be Feared Ever Again.

During Her Reign The Network Of Portal Jump Stations Has Been Extend To Every Corner Of The Galaxy And Combined With The White Ghost Fleet Of Ships, Each Of Which Can Deploy 30,000 Troops At A Moments Notice Anywhere In The Galaxy, Ensures That She Stands Unchallenged.

Peace Now Exist Where There Was Once War; Misery And Poverty Are Things Of The Past And Species Cooperation Has Led To Developments That Have Created The Utopia Long Sought By So Many.

Thera Is The Sword Of Might, The Sword Of Justice And The Sword Of Eternal Power; For Long Has Her Linage Reigned And For Ever Shall She And Those That Come After Wield The Power That Has Comes To Rule The Galaxy.

…And With Her Legions Shall She Holds Sway Over All That Her Sight Gazes Upon. She Rules Over Those Who Have Never Seen Or Heard Of Her, But When She Makes Her Presence Known They Know Her Rule Is Supreme.

Thera Is Justice, For Her Word Is Law; And Only The Foolish Dare Challenge Her Supreme Rule.

Long Has It Been And Forever Shall It Be! Hail Thera Queen Of The Galaxy!

About The Piece:
Thera Queen Of The Galaxy Is One Of My Most Complicated Pieces As Of November 21, 2013 Consisting Of 404 Working Layers.

The Entire Piece Except For The Face Of Thera Is Created Using Fractals.

With The Use Of A Great Many Adjust Layers And Under Layers I Was Able To Mask Over Parts Of The Fractals That Overlapped, Adjust The Color Scheme And Tweak The Light Levels In The Image.

I Did This Piece In The Form Of A Story Being Told That Reflects A History Of The Rule Of The Queen Known As Thera As She Proudly And Majestically Gazes As Well As Reminisces Over Her Monumental Accomplishments.

Thera Queen Of The Galaxy Is Composed Of 214 Fractal Objects Comprising 90 Fractal Elements Created With The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator With An Additional 190 Masking Layers; Assembled And Post Processed In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

The Face Of Thera Was Created Using As A Render Processed Through A Kaleidoscope Filter Then Further Manipulated To Create A Captivating Portrait.

The Coloring Of Her Face, Additional Shadows And Eye Touch Ups Were Done In Photo Elements; And The Fractal Eye Ball Overlays Were Added To Give Her An Alien Humanoid Look.

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