Tyvilian7 Fractal Art Composition
Tyvilian7 Fractal Art Composition

Tyvilian7 Is The Trans-Dimensional Portal Of The Sky City Arsinious; The Most Powerful Machine Yet Developed In This Sector Of The Galaxy And Has Become The Hub From Which All Trans-Dimensional Flights Take Place.

The Portal Is Composed Of Unique Materials That Draw Energy From The Differences Between The Dimensions Much Like Energy Use To Be Extracted From The Deep Ocean Layers.

The Portal Aperture Is Large Enough To Allow Over A Hundred Centurion Class Cruisers To Past Simultaneously In One Direction At A Time.

As A Comparison The Centurion Cruiser Is 10 Times The Size Of An Old Earth 20th Century Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier.

Though This May Be Considered A Limitation Of The Tyvilian7 Portal, It Is Not Much Of A Handicap Since The Jump From One Dimension TO Another Can Take Place In Seconds Versus The Hours Of Other Dimensional Jump Portals.

When Activated The Air Around The Portal Condenses Into An Impressive And Awesome Display Of Clouds That Dwarfs The Portal Giving One The Idea Of The Power Of This Amazing Device.

Tyvilian7 Sports A Unique Architectural Design That Looks Much Like Coral That Is Blooming From Within The Aperture And Spreading Outwards Supported On A Multi-tier Copper Color Structure With Two Surineous Beacons.

This Is A Wonder Of The Galaxy And Everyone Whether Looking To Dimensional Jump Or Not Should Visit Arsinious Just To See This Amazing Machine.

Tyvilian7 Is An Abstract Fractal Art Composition That Is Composed Of 72 Fractal Objects Excluding The Sword Of Light Emblem, Comprising 33 Fractal Elements Created With The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator; Assembled And Post Processed In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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