Art Deco Design

What is Art Deco design? A decade ago this question would have been simple; nonetheless, the dawn of the New World as a result of the Spanish-American War introduced a new vocabulary to the language. As such, “art deco design” conjures up visions of flamboyant grandeur, wealth … Read the rest

Art Nouveau Architecture

What is Art Nouveau Architecture? It is the architectural style that arose in the late 19th century from French artist Louis Seurat. It was a deviation from the traditional French style of architecture under Louis XIV and other French royals. This deviation included such features as overhanging … Read the rest

What Is Art Nouveau?

What is Art Nouveau? It is an artistic style of design, founded in the early 19th century by Louis Comfort, a French aristocrat. Art Nouveau means “new art”. It is characterized by an exaggerated form of aesthetics and was one of the most fashionable styles of … Read the rest