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Art Nouveau Design Movement

What is Art Nouveau Design Movement? It is an increasingly popular word for artists that are in the design and creative industries. The reason for this growth in popularity is due to the fact that Art Nouveau, otherwise known as the Nude Deco movement was a reaction to the decadence of the European society at the time. Many people associate Art Nouveau with Expressionism as well, although it was actually the artists themselves that created and drew most of the art work in the movement. It was the collective thinking and ideas of these individuals that created the impact on art that they did.

Art Nouveau Design Movement - Alphonse Mucha Biscuits Lefevre-Utile Speckled Frame Version
Alphonse Mucha Biscuits Lefevre-Utile Speckled Frame Version

The Art Nouveau design movement itself started in France, but was embraced and appreciated by many other countries, as well as the world. Some of the most notable figures include Paul Gauguin, Paul Reinhart and Georges Braque. There were a lot of different influences that helped to shape the way that Art Nouveau design looked. One of those would be the French Revolution. As the nation began to fall apart piece by piece throughout the year, people were looking for new styles of art to embrace. The movement started with pieces that were specifically designed for the Parisian society that time again ended up being inspired by.

Other designers liked what they saw and ended up incorporating their own particular style into what is the Art Nouveau Design Movement. They were able to use the different influences from all over the world and make something uniquely their own. What is Art Nouveau design today is still a widely popular subject matter for many artists. It took a while for the style to become popular in the modern era, but once it did, it was well on its way to becoming the standard that many designers would follow for years to come.

When you look into what is the Art Nouveau Design Movement, you will notice that there are many different influences from all over the world that were used to shape this movement. It all started with the French Revolution and everything began to happen around that time. France became more modernized and everything began to move away from the old medieval structures and toward the new materials that designers would use in the modern age. This movement was not one that was easy because of the difficulty in making things that were different and new at the same time.

Artist were able to mold the materials into something that was unique and exciting for the time. These designs would often be very colorful and many times they used many different materials as well. There were also times when a more conservative style would be used. This was done so that the designs could be protected from damage in the many storms and harsh weather conditions that were so common during that period of time. The use of paint that was new and different also helped to bring about a new level of design and artistic ability.

When you explore what is art Noveau style, you will find that there are many different ways that it can be appreciated. One of the main goals was to create a new artistic movement that could be enjoyed by everyone in the world. Some of the greatest artists of the day were able to show off their skills and passions for art in a way that would not only be appreciated by their fellow art enthusiasts, but also by the general public. If you are looking for a way to learn more about this period in history, why not look online?

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