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Art Deco

What is Art Deco? You may have seen a curious piece of art recently and wondered “What is Art Deco?” This article covers the broadest definition of this intriguing style.

Art Deco, otherwise known as Deco, can be briefly described as an emerging style of architecture, building, and design which first showed up in France during the First World War. Art Deco generally influenced the style of architecture, furniture, and other designs of the period. It was also popular among the artists of the time. Most famous French artists who were known at the time are Picasso, Braque & Gris, and Monet.

In the United States, however, the term “Art Deco” isn’t commonly used, although it’s beginning came much later. Today there are many modern art styles that are influenced by this art movement. But the largest influence is on architectural styles. A typical example is the New York City skyline, which is heavily influenced by the style. The style became popular for a short time but fizzled out. Today, buildings in the New York City area still bear some of the influences.

Another example of an Art Deco influenced structure is the New York skyline. Many skyscrapers in the area bear some of the Art Deco influences, particularly the Empire State Building. In fact, the Empire State Building is one of the few buildings in the world that retain much of the Deco style. One of the most famous uses of the style can be found in the Empire State Building.

At the top of the Empire State Building there is a row of glass pavilions, which were originally made to be used as a restaurant in the 1930s. Today, they house the offices of the Empire State Building Company, which owns and operates the building.

Even the modern New York City skyline has been influenced by the style. The Empire State Building, for example, has a white-colored skycap instead of the usual blue. The glass roof of the skycap has a texture that is similar to that of the marble that was used to make the exteriors of the building. Many buildings bearing traces of the Art Deco style have also been built since its inception.

An extremely important aspect of Art Deco is its use of color. Most of the paintings and sculptures from the period show bright colors. Some of the most common colors used include red, yellow, and orange. These are combined with more muted hues such as blue, green, and purple. While most modern artists would classify these color combinations as “modern”, there were many who disagreed and considered them “antiquated”.

Art Deco architecture, in fact, owes its popularity to both its functionality and the style. As a practical style, it streamlined the city’s streets giving way to a more modern and efficient mass transportation system. On the other hand, the Art Deco style was a reaction to the more arty and whimsical styles of European architecture.

What is Art Deco? On the International Registry of Architectural Styles (circa 1990), the style is given a rating between one and ten. A ten is considered very modern while one gives the style a more Mediterranean or Italian influence. The influence that the style had on the modern day is still evident today. Many modern buildings bear some of its influence.

One of the most recognizable characteristics of the style is the large rounded windows. They are quite frequently found in buildings designed by the masters such as Gainsborough. In fact, these windows are often seen as a trademark of the art Deco period. The rounded shape of the window is representative of the clean and geometric lines characteristic of the art Deco movement. It was also given its name because of the large amount of space given to windows in the building.

Art Deco furniture is very popular even today. It is widely used in homes and has greatly influenced modern design. As an example, you can easily find modern living room furniture and couches that have a deco influence. Antique furniture is also often covered in what is art Deco influences. If you want to decorate your home with pieces that have a little bit of the past, this is the style for you.

As you can see, what is art Deco doesn’t solely refer to automobiles. It has a lot to do with architecture and the design of modern living. For this reason, it will never go out of style. In fact, it is predicted that it will become more popular in the future. You should definitely consider adding this type of design to your home if you are looking for a way to create a special atmosphere or add a sense of mystery to your surroundings.

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