Vision Of Flight Fractal Art Composition
Vision Of Flight Fractal Art Composition

This Wall Mural Was Discovered On A Recent Expedition To The Planet Orclaurious Seven The Last And Furthest Planet Of The Orclaurion Solar System Who’s Sun Went Nova About One Million Years Ago.

The Image Archeologist Theorize Is A Depiction Of An Orclaurian Ship That At One Time Explored Vast Regions Of This Sector Of The Galaxy.

Though The Image Appears To Show A Chemical Thrust Rocket Propelled Vehicle, It Is Most Likely Symbolism For The Fire That Burns Within The Species Driving It Into The Farthest Reaches Of Space In The Pursuit Of Exploration And Knowledge.

This is The Prevailing Thought Since It Is Known That Orclaurian Science Was At Least A Quarter Of A Million Years More Advanced Than Ours When Their Civilization Began It’s Epic Decline…

The Three Almost Identical Nebula Clusters In The Image Represent The Three Sisters Of Orclaurian. A Set Of Nebula That Surround The Orclaurion Solar System Forming An Almost Perfect Equilateral Triangle, That To The Untrained Eye Look Almost The Same.

The Torches Depicted In The Scene Represent The Gateway To The Orclaurian Empire. It Is Written In The Ancient Text, That These Were Actual Massive Space Structures With Huge Plasma Torches That Stretched At Least A Mile High Forming A Road In Space That Lead To The Orclaurian Home World.

These Massive Torch Fire Columns Stretched For Some Ten Thousand Miles And On Them Could Be Found The Entire History Of The Orcluarian Empire From The Beginning Of Their First Steps Into Space Through Their Expansion Out Into The galaxy.

Though This Work Of Art Is Plain In Appearance, Being Embellished With Minimal Color It Conveys The Spirit Of Exploration That All Space Capable Species Have And Is An Impressive Work Of Space Art From A Long Extinct Race That Eon’s Ago Had One Of The Most Majestic Empires Known In The Galaxy!

Now If You’ll Follow Me I Have Some Other Fascinating Works Of Art, As Well As Technical and Scientific Artifacts That Are Sure To Spark The Imagination…

Vision Of Flight Is Composed Of 85 Fractal Objects Comprising 21 Fractal Elements Created With The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator, Assembled And Post Processed In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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