Wedding Day by Walt Otto
Wedding Day by Walt Otto

Wedding Day

Wedding Day by American Artist Walt Otto (1895 – 1963); Painter, Illustrator, Advertising and Pinup Artist from 1935 – 1945.

Wedding Day is a beautiful portrait of a seated young blonde posing in her white silk wedding dress, with arms length gloves wearing a double pink rose corsage on her left wrist; and also wearing large pearl earrings and a pearl necklace.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Walt Otto was an American Pin-up Painter who’s career spanned the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s; specializing in beautiful glamorous young ladies om rural theme settings.

Otto’s work was featured on calendars, on magazine covers, such as The Saturday Evening Post and Women’s Weekly as well as advertisements on billboards for major U.S brands such as Alka Seltzer, Anheuser-Bush, Kellloggs, Shell Oil, Schilitz Beer and many others.

Otto’s interest in art began when he was very young and his career got it start when he took an art correspondence course, which led to a brief stretch as a studio photographer, when he opened his own shop.

In 1916 Otto joined the Army Air Corps during World War I, and after the war, moved to Chicago; obtaining employment with the Edwards and Deutsch Lithography Company, and taking during the evenings at the Chicago Academy of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.

When World War II broke out he enlisted in the United States Air Force and used his photography skills as an aerial photographer.

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