What Dreams Are Made Of Fractal Art Portrait
What Dreams Are Made Of Fractal Art Portrait

What Dreams Are Made Of Is The Fire Of Our Imagination, The Paths Of Mystery We Embark Upon And The Eternal Beauty That We Aspire To Obtain.

When We Are Able To Achieve All Three, Amazing Things Are Realized And The Future Is Boundless.

About This Image:
What Dreams Are Made Of Is Another Of My Fractal Art Compositions Which Includes A Beautiful Female Face At The Center Top Enveloped With Flowing Forms And A Crowned Head Piece.

The Look Of The Female Face And Surrounding Headdress Creates An Art Nouveau Type Fantasy Image That Makes Her Face Look Like It Is Wrapped In Exquisite Flowing Cloth.

Just Below Is A Copper Gold Pedestal Structure With Fiery Clouds In The Background And A Colorful Rock Formation In The Foreground Of Blue, Violet, Green And Orange Colors.

What Dreams Are Made Of Consist Of 181 Layers, 71 Are Composed Of Fractals Created With The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator. Assembling And Post Processing Of The Fractal Elements Was Done Using The Photo Elements 7 Image Editor.

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