Woman By Golden Light by Albert Joseph Pénot
Woman By Golden Light by Albert Joseph Pénot

Woman By Golden Light by French Painter Albert Joseph Pénot (1862 – 1930); known for his female nude artwork and landscape paintings.

A portrait of a nude female figure with her hair wrapped in a red kerchief, leaning against a wall with back towards the viewer and her head tucked into her right arm, with a beautiful yellow glowing light illuminating her head, right shoulder and part of her upper back.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Info Below From Wikipedia.org

Albert Joseph Pénot was a French painter known for female nudes and landscapes. Today, he is more popularly and specifically recognized for a subset of paintings centering on women of darker, more macabre themes.

Pénot was concerned first and foremost with anatomically accurate portrayals of women. Singular female forms were the implicit focus of his work, whereas the worlds surrounding his characters are seldom realized beyond misty atmospheres and patches of shadow and light.

Environments are incidental and are typically shrouded in haze, giving the figures themselves explicit priority.

However, Pénot was more versatile in his artistry, and was not confined exclusively to female nudes: church figures were another of his subjects, in addition to occasional compositions depicting scenes of men and women from high society in narratives framed by more conventional settings.

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