Woman Reading By A Paper Bell Shade by Henry Robert Morland
Woman Reading By A Paper Bell Shade by Henry Robert Morland

Woman Reading by a Paper Bell Shade c1766 by British Painter Henry Robert Morland (1716 – 1797) was a portrait painter and domestic subject matter painter

A beautiful genre portrait of a young woman sitting by a Paper Bell Shade lamp reading a book on a night table.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Info Below From Wikipedia.org

Henry Robert Morland was an English portrait painter, best remembered for a portrait of King George III, and for being the father of the animal painter George Morland.

His father was the genre painter George Henry Morland, and Henry Robert followed an art career as well, becoming a painter of portraits and domestic subjects, in both oil and crayon.

He exhibited some 118 works from 1760 to 1791 at the Society of Artists, the Free Society, and the Royal Academy. Morland also engraved in mezzotint, restored paintings, and sold artists supplies, including crayons that he made himself.

Morland was for a time very successful and even painted a portrait of George III, the king sitting in person.[2] Although he became quite wealthy for a time, he lost most of his money, and was often bankrupt in later years.

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