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Welcome to the home of Xzendor7 where Fractal Art takes on a whole new look by moving beyond the simple algorithmic generated imagery to the realm of fractal imagination. Using the beautiful intricacies of fractal objects I am able to create fractal spacescape, fractal landscapes, fractal architecture and fractal portraits that grace the screen. All of these fractal composition pieces are available for you the visitor to purchase. These beautiful eye catching mystical images are available as canvas prints, posters, metal prints, acrylic prints and wood prints; on clothing including t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, tank and crop tops; as home decor items like comforters, blankets, tapestries and on accessories, such as mugs, journals, puzzles, acrylic blocks and more.

If fractal art is not to your liking and you’re looking for more traditional artwork, then I would recommend that you explore my old masters retouched artwork on this site, and the complete collection of art at my Redbubble Shop; as these classical art and vintage art images are painstakingly retouched to provide a view of what they may have looked like when they were originally created up to 500 years ago by some of the worlds greatest painters; and as with my fractal artwork these images are available on a wide assortment of home decor and apparel products.

This site includes various integrated shop that you can browse like the Xzendor7 Pictorem Shop, the Xzendor7 Pixels Shop and several other shops where you can place orders for prints, clothing, home furnishing and accessories; as well as links to the various print on demand websites where I make my artwork available to the public.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the journey.