Reclining Nude by Luis Ricardo Falero
Reclining Nude by Luis Ricardo Falero

Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude by Spanish Painter Luis Ricardo Falero (1851 – 1896); specialized in female nudes with an emphasis on mythological, oriental and fantasy themes, which he skillfully combined with his interest in Astronomy, incorporating celestial constellations into many of his artistic creations..

This is a nude portrait of a beautiful young lady stretching out an a bed across a large lime green floral embroidered sheet.

Reclining Nude is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Info Below Derived

Falero was born in Granada and originally pursued a career in the Spanish Navy, but gave it up to his parents disappointment; as he decided to travel to Paris, where he studied art, chemistry and mechanical engineering.

During is studies in chemistry and mechanical engineering; he considered the experiments which he had to conduct too dangerous, thus leading him to focus his attention on painting alone.

As a result he became a student of French Portrait Painter and Orientalist Gabriel-Joseph-Marie-Augustin Ferrier (1847 – 1914). After Paris, he moved to London, where he continued his studies, and eventually settled.

Falero had a particular interest in astronomy and incorporated celestial constellations into many of his works, such as “The Marriage of a Comet” and “Twin Stars”. His interest and knowledge of astronomy also led him to illustrate the works of Camille Flammarion.

In 1896, the year of his death, Maud Harvey sued Falero for paternity. The suit alleged that Falero seduced Harvey when she was 17, first serving as his housemaid, and then his model. When he discovered she was pregnant, he dismissed her.

She won the case and was awarded five shillings per week in support of their child. Falero died at University College Hospital, London, at the age of 45

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