Portrait Of Cyiria Fractal Art Composition
Portrait Of Cyiria Fractal Art Composition

It is often said that Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder; but there are exceptions to this saying and the “Portrait of Cyiria” is the image that dispels with that notion, as no other being has ever been compared to her beauty.

Even in this simple portrait painted by the artist Arsphinatus of Thalius one sees, and might I add one feels the beauty in the portrait of Cyiria flowing from the portrait.

Though of royal blood, she was the humblest of any being one would ever meet. She sought not power or glory, but instead peace and harmony in everything she did and with all things.

It is said that all who saw her were bedazzled be her beauty; even the wild beast of the land, sea and air were taken by her beauty, following and doing whatever she asked of them.

She is the only being known in existence, that no matter what the species or race; it was believed she was the most beautiful creature that nature had ever created.

Even in her senior years (she lived to be well over 500), it was impossible to say that she was not the most beautiful woman ever to graced the universe.

The Beauty Of Cyiria will live for ever, even when all of civilization is nothing more than dust; her beauty will never die and the universe shall shine stars in the heavens in honor of its greatest creation.

Though there have been other portraits of Cyiria, this one is consider to be the best in conveying the story of her beauty. At the top is the universal clock works symbol which symbolizes the universes unending state of creation; which is accented by brightly hued nebula of emerald green, burgundy, orange and cobalt blue, transitioning from the upper left down towards the lower right.

To the upper right of the portrait sits her home world, illuminated by the giant blue Sun of Artairous and its smaller sister Sun, Hylinia the Goddess of Beauty.

At the bottom of the piece is the structure that represents the divine path of solitude, symbolizing that Cyiria was unique in all the universe and that only she could past into the void of light to the next realm of existence. On either side is the massive structure that depicts the strength and enduring beauty that time itself can never erase, so that all may gaze upon one of the universe all time greatest creation.

In the center of the piece lies the image of Cyiria, beautifully adorned with a beautiful and elaborate green headdress and an ornate partial face mask of blue hues and violet eye adornments that highlight her beautiful green eyes.

To make her face stand out even more, behind her there are three different wing like structures that build backwards and get progressively smaller making for a tower like ornamentation that is tapped off at the center with two stacked feather like pieces completing the look of a crown that ties in wonderfully with the three layer head piece.

A little about the Portrait Of Cyiria Fractal Composition:
Portrait Of Cyiria follows in step with a few of the other fractal base portrait images I’ve created previously. The main emphasis of this piece was just to focus on creating a portrait that was captivating to look at which was not a trimmed down version as with several of my other fractal portraits.

To that end the face in this portrait occupies over 50% of the canvas real estate, with the surrounding fractals acting as highlights for the fractals that make up the face of Cyiria; which comprise fifty percent of the fractals used to create this portrait.

Portrait Of Cyiria has an Art Deco artwork look comprising 312 layers of which 95 are fractals that were created with the fractron 9000 fractal generator. The fractals were then assembled and post processed with the Photo Elements image editor into the final image that you see.

The entire image took about 5 days to complete with a great deal of attention being given to the color of the image; as the colors used affect the choice and number of fractals used but most importantly how Cyiria looks upon completion.

A good two days was spent on getting the right color balance since the colors of the fractals that you see, except for the stone and path fractals are not the actual colors of these fractals and getting the right hue mix took quite a bit of time till I was satisfied with the final look of the piece.

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