Hamlet and the Ghost of his Father by Adam Vogler
Hamlet and the Ghost of his Father by Adam Vogler

Hamlet and the Ghost of his Father by Austrian Painter Adam Vogler (1822 – 1856) a Romanticism Painter of the Viennese Academy.

This dramatic illustration from Vogler, is drawn from British Writer William Shakespeare’s (1564 – 1616) tradegy Hamlet Prince of Denmark Act 1, Scene 4 writtten about 1599 – 1601; and it depicts the prince encountering the ghost of his father outside the Danish Royal Castle Elsinore.

He his being restrained by his friend and colleague Horatio as Horatio struggles to follow his fathers spirit. who will later reveal that he was murdered and demands revenge.

This pen and gray ink, over graphite; double framing line in pen and gray ink is a composition that is based on a painting created by Swiss Painter Henry Fuseli (who’s works are also in this gallery); created in 1789 for John Boydell’s Shakespeare Gallery.

This beautifully detailed drawing by Volger emphasizes the mysterious moonlit atmosphere of the moment and adds detailed Renaissance costumes, which keeps to the historical Romanticism the Volger learned at the Viennese Academy from the Nazarene painter Joseph von Führich.

This is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

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